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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ghosts explained by Reikongaku

Personally, I have never seen a ghost.
I have never heard a mysterious voice, have never seen an UFO.

In short, I have never witnessed a so called super natural phenomenon myself.
But, after I have studied Reikongaku, and heard countless stories and experiences from other people,
I do believe that they are real, or, explainable.

I also found that there are many misconceptions surrounding these phenomena.

For instance, ghosts.
Humans are incapable of seeing something non-physical.
Our bodies are not made that way.
If one claims that he or she sees ghosts, it’s not normal.
But, we all know that abnormal things happen.

Putting aside the psychological or mental causes, when one sees a ghost, it’s likely that he or she is actually seeing substance, 
shapes and figures fabricated by a spiritual entity.

Those spiritual entities who have mastered these techniques can create human-like shapes using ectoplasm, a substance that connects physical and spiritual.  

Since ghosts are made of substance that is half physical and half spiritual, you may be able to see them with physical eyes depending on the condition you are in.

Ghosts are not alive, but the one who produces it is.
More importantly, we should know that seeing ghosts is a sign of spiritual malfunction.

A proper diagnosis and treatment should be sought.