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Sunday, June 30, 2013

good or bad - spiritual version

How do you measure good and bad?
How do you predict the outcome to be good or bad?

For example, instead of going to school or work, you decide to go see a movie.

What would your teacher or boss say?
What would your family member say?
What would your friends say?

What would reikongaku say?
Reikongaku would say, your decision is yours, you just live with the consequences.

I don’t mean to say that reikongaku ignores or disregards what goes on in your life.
It just does not interfere with your decisions and actions, or rather, it cannot.

Humans are given free fill, believe it or not.

Reikongaku, however, tries to remind you.
For everywhere you go, and everything you do, there are always spiritual consequences.  

And that can be good or bad.
Spiritual good or bad often does not coincide with what we think is good or bad.

Spiritual consequences are hard to see.
They are not compatible with our common sense.
They can be dangerous and deceiving.

Reikongaku has a lot to say about them.


laws and regulations

Every day is a series of decision making.
What to do, what not to do.

Decision making process is different for each person.
There is no two persons alike.
Your decisions are yours only.
You may try to explain or convince others to understand you,
but still, nobody will completely understand you.

Reikongaku rarely criticizes or judges your decisions.
What we do or don’t is simply that.
We do what we do, and we take responsibility for the consequences.

For people to live in any society, rules are necessary.
Rules restrict everyone, limit our freedom and actions.
But in this physical world, rules are necessary to protect and coexist.

Reikongaku respects laws and regulations made by people.
And reikongaku also teaches you spiritual laws and regulations.

We are spirits. 
Physical world is enclosed within spiritual world.
Physical laws and regulations are enclosed by spiritual laws and regulations.

What do you think is the most important?