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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yutai -- Yuutai -- You tie -- Yutie --

It sounds exactly like "you tie".
But in writing, i think yutai may be the best.

Yutai is a spiritual body that all of us have.
When we were first conceived, it was a tiny bit just like an egg. Yutai grew with our physical body and it overlaps with it exactly.

It is hard for us to identify yutai. Maybe it's like trying to locate where your mind is and how it looks.
It's hard, but it's there.

Yutai has its own brain where all memories are stored.
That is why we remember who we are and what we experienced even after our physical body dies.

Physical body is our primary body on earth, and yutai will be our primary body after we die. That is why i say physical death is a transition from one state to another. One environment to another.

One of the most important things we learn in Reikongaku is the condition of yutai. It can be super good, good, borderline, bad, worse, terrible, or near hopeless..

There are many reasons for this, and it's according to the spiritual law, not the physical law. As i said before, the condition of yutai at the time of death determines your immediate future after death.

I will repeat this as many times as i can.
Be prepared, make your yutai strong and healthy.
That is why Reikongaku / Spiritual training were given to us.

What saves us is not a miracle falling on us. It's not the good deeds we accumulate.
What saves us is to know that we are spirits.
What saves us is the diligent effort to improve our spiritual selves by learning and training.

Salvation is for everyone, but we must do our part too.