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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Consider this a game.

Look at yourself in the mirror.
Forget about how you look.
Forget about what you have.
Forget about what you earned.

What do you have left?
What makes you a you?

Now, you know that you will die one day, right? Everyone will.
When you depart, you won't take anything physical including your body.

What do you think you will take with you then?

In the world you will be after leaving the physical domain,
you don't need to eat or sleep, which means you don't need to work to earn money.

What do you want to do then?

Our memory and identity, consciousness, will continue to live in the world next.
Emotions will be there. They will be freely expressed with no restrictions.

How do you handle them? What do you think the society is like where there is no restrictions?
All elements will expand their characters. In all directions.

Does it create what we may call heaven and hell?

How do you secure your living to be comfortable, peaceful, and fulfilling?

This is a game.
But once you start thinking about them, don't you realize that there are so much that you don't know, that you'd better know?