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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I might have offended some people with what i wrote.
I expected that, and i'm ok with it.

I used to try my best to calm the air. I didn't like conflict.
It's best everyone feels safe, peaceful, and happy. Of course.

But the reality doesn't cooperate.
Look around you, it's not hard to see.

Why people get hurt?
Why people hurt one another?
Why people feel miserable?
Why people don't get along?
Why people don't know the answers?

I think humankind is overrated.
Humankind discovered and advanced at amazing rate.
But humankind forgot and got lost at amazing rate as well.

Finding truth is not easy.
Our existence is not easily explained.
What we consider right or good may be not so right or good.

I wish we can reset our history and start all over again.
But that is not possible.

What we can do now is to start questioning, start thinking, start probing.
Finding truth is not easy, but it's there for sure.

I'm learning it from Reikongaku.

We are spirits. Answers are not found in physical realm.