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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Life is a series of decision making.
From what to wear today to yes or no to a big proposal

If we don't make any decision, we cannot move even a step.
Not making any decision and go with the flow.... that is another decision...

I don't know your situations. I don't know how hard your life is.
But as long as you live, all your decisions are made to sustain your life, provide for your life, and attain as much as satisfaction.  

Physical satisfaction is easier to understand. 
Food, clothes, sleep, shelter, comfort all contribute to physical satisfaction.

How about non-physical satisfaction? This is a tough one. 
Mind and spirit are so unique to each individual, what brings satisfaction is unique for each.

In Reikongaku, I found that there is one thing that’s true to all people.
That is, we will never be completely satisfied in this life.
When you try to find the answers only in wealth, power, and fame, you are on your way to never ending game of hide and seek.

I’ve learnt that human spirit has this place or space within that is filled only by spiritual energy. Without this energy, human will never ever be fully content or satisfied.

Most people don’t know it, and keep playing hide and seek. Most people don’t hit the dead end so they keep trying.

Your life may be a series of satisfactions, your hope and dream may never dry up because you don’t reach them. You may keep trying until the last day.

I dare to say it… what a waste.
What a waste of life if you don’t find the true answers.
What a waste of life if you never feel the spiritual energy flowing and filling your space within.

What a waste of life if you end it without knowing who you really are.