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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

we don't die

Do you think your consciousness will live on after you lose all your physical functions?
In other words, do you believe in life after death?  Yes? No? or don't care?

Your answer is completely personal. Nobody can show you the evidence to support or refute your answer.
But, one thing is for sure. It is either yes or no, one or the other. And you will find out when your time comes.

It seems to me that many folks believe in life after death.
There are myriad of activities based on this idea.

But realistically, can you say with confidence that you have a good idea about what happens when you die?
How you survive your physical death, where you go and how you live after you die?

Is there anything we can do while we live here?
Is there any non-physical force affecting our lives now?
What can we do about it?

Reikongaku pursues spiritual facts, system, and rules that govern every humans.
Just like this world is governed by physical law, the next world is governed by spiritual law.

When one says, good person will go to heaven and live happily ever after, it's like saying that
good  person will never catch cold or tough person will never get injured.

It's time we get serious about our own future.