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Monday, January 14, 2013

to the point

The most important thing for us now is to prepare and train our yutai (spiritual body).

Just like our physical body, our spiritual body gets damaged from day to day living.
All kinds of (spiritual) injuries and sickness affect the quality of yutai.

Quality of yutai affects condition of physical body, but more importantly, it will affect the quality of life when we shed our physical body and become non-physical existence.  

It is quite simple. That's how spiritual system works.

When you die, you will settle in the spiritual realm where your yutai will feel most suited.
It can be a place you perceive as heaven, or hell, or anywhere in between.

No matter how much wealth, fame, knowledge, wisdom, or connection you have in the world now, it does not give you a free pass to heaven. When you are at the entrance, all that matters is how your yutai is. That's all there is.

If you believe this, then you know that you have to bring your yutai level to the highest possible while you're alive, and you need to know how you can accomplish this. 

Reikongaku has given numerous opportunities to those people who believe, and desire to listen and learn. It's unlikely that reikongaku will come to you. You must find it yourself.

And that is why I write this blog. I want people to find reikongaku and decide on their own.

Reikongaku does not chase you, does not wait for you, and never forces you. That is why I feel this urgency now to let people know.

Time may really be running out...