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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

spiritual training in japan

I joined Keizankan in 2005.
Keizankan is consisted of a small group of spiritual seekers who study and practice Reikongaku under the Master Mizuba.

Keizankan holds periodical events and seminars in Japan.
Right now, there is no event scheduled outside of Japan because there is not enough demand for it.
i think i may be the only member who resides outside of Japan.

One of the most valuable events held by Keizankan is a series of spiritual training seminars.
It's open only for the members committed to the spiritual development that Keizankan presents.

Misogi and Chinkon are the two main series of spiritual training. Both train and develop our spiritual body, strengthen spiritual aura, and promote spiritual health, to name a few. They also deal with our karma.

All these topics may be overwhelmingly deep and complicated.

But great thing about spiritual training taught by Keizankan is that the training itself is made simple,  and easy to learn. It fits right into the daily schedule of any busy people.

Anybody can practice.

The only requirement is, as i mentioned before, that you are willing to believe and commit.
This is not a promise made in human terms.

This is a promise made with your guardian spirit, mentor spirits, and the superior spirits.
You must be aware that you are directly dealing with spiritual entities.

Spiritual training, when practiced earnestly and diligently, will transform your spiritual body like no other method ever existed on earth.