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Saturday, January 12, 2013


We wake up everyday and live.
We think, we feel, and we react.

Suppose if there is no spirit, like so many claim, all we have is our physical body.
Our brain can think, feel, and react.
Our biological system is itself a miracle.

At the same time, you know that brain can be damaged or deteriorated quite easily.
Our brain can be controlled by certain chemicals or device.

It's as easy as taking a few pills to make a person's character to be entirely different.
A little hormonal imbalance will create an unexpected emotional reaction.

We know it. They are all proven scientific facts which so many people tend to accept rather easily.

Our physical body is a miracle, and fragile substance.

Are we really it?
Are you just that?

Can you truly convince yourself that you will be forever gone when your brain stops functioning?
Are you just a complicated biological mechanism that will be lost forever with your last breath?

The very first step in Reikongaku, or even before stepping into it, you must clear this question.

Reikongaku is for the people who take risk in believing something science has not acknowledged yet.
You must at least give it a chance to speak to you.