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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the day i encountered reikongaku

I've always been interested in mystery, something unknown, especially about after death.
But my interest never took me deeper than occasional readings and thinking.

One day, in 2005, my semi-hibernated interest was fully awaken by a newspaper article.
It was about the train accident that took many people's lives in an instant.

I felt that i had to know what happened to those people.

I typed in "life after death". One of the first websites hit was the official Reikongaku site in Japan.
It was fortunate that I could include my search in Japanese as well.

For a few weeks, I was completely immersed in Reikongaku. I read everything there was available on the net.

When I finally came to a stopping point, I was convinced, as convinced as I had never been before. 

Feeling of finally finding something I've been looking for. And the expectation that I will find all the answers someday. Complete trust and relief.

That was the life changing event for me.
The one that I will forever be thankful.