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Friday, September 6, 2013

Reikongaku in English

Great opportunity has landed.
I am a part of the team now to spread the words of reikongaku to the world in English.

Yes, I am a non-native English speaker, and yes, my English is far from "public" quality.
But, I am so convinced that the power of reikongaku will easily surpass such obstacles, and will blossom in every continent in the world.

I will focus on translating the contents of official reikongaku websites, and will introduce them to you in my website,

I hope we can reach out to many brave seekers who have never given up searching for the truth.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

good or bad revisited...

This topic has been one of my biggest challenges 
especially after I met Reikongaku.
I’ve always thought that good people deserve good things.
Even if their lives are not so rewarding ones in earthly terms, 
after they die, good people will live happily ever after in the world next.

I tried to see good in every person. 
I tried to believe there was no truly bad person in this world.
I wished people were all happy, war free, worry free, poverty free, crime free…. like in heaven on earth.

However, soon after I met Reikongaku, 
this idea was completely shuttered.

Reikongaku will ask you, what is good and what is bad?
After a careful thinking, you would know that good or bad cannot be defined so clearly.

Yes, we do have a sense of good or bad, but it’s almost always different depending on when, where, and who we are.

What you think is good may not be so good for others, 
what others think is good may not convince you so.
If our spiritual destiny is solely determined by good or bad of anybody’s standard, there will be a chaos waiting for us.

Understanding good or bad won’t be resolved so easily for me.
But there is one rule I learnt from Reikongaku.

What determines your spiritual destiny is not directly related to how good or bad you think you are.
To your amazement, it is more straight forward, clear, and logical.

Reikongaku tells you that it all depends on the condition of your yutai, your spiritual body at the time of physical death. 

Good or bad certainly contributes to the condition of yutai, but they are not by themselves a deciding factor.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ghosts explained by Reikongaku

Personally, I have never seen a ghost.
I have never heard a mysterious voice, have never seen an UFO.

In short, I have never witnessed a so called super natural phenomenon myself.
But, after I have studied Reikongaku, and heard countless stories and experiences from other people,
I do believe that they are real, or, explainable.

I also found that there are many misconceptions surrounding these phenomena.

For instance, ghosts.
Humans are incapable of seeing something non-physical.
Our bodies are not made that way.
If one claims that he or she sees ghosts, it’s not normal.
But, we all know that abnormal things happen.

Putting aside the psychological or mental causes, when one sees a ghost, it’s likely that he or she is actually seeing substance, 
shapes and figures fabricated by a spiritual entity.

Those spiritual entities who have mastered these techniques can create human-like shapes using ectoplasm, a substance that connects physical and spiritual.  

Since ghosts are made of substance that is half physical and half spiritual, you may be able to see them with physical eyes depending on the condition you are in.

Ghosts are not alive, but the one who produces it is.
More importantly, we should know that seeing ghosts is a sign of spiritual malfunction.

A proper diagnosis and treatment should be sought.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

good or bad - spiritual version

How do you measure good and bad?
How do you predict the outcome to be good or bad?

For example, instead of going to school or work, you decide to go see a movie.

What would your teacher or boss say?
What would your family member say?
What would your friends say?

What would reikongaku say?
Reikongaku would say, your decision is yours, you just live with the consequences.

I don’t mean to say that reikongaku ignores or disregards what goes on in your life.
It just does not interfere with your decisions and actions, or rather, it cannot.

Humans are given free fill, believe it or not.

Reikongaku, however, tries to remind you.
For everywhere you go, and everything you do, there are always spiritual consequences.  

And that can be good or bad.
Spiritual good or bad often does not coincide with what we think is good or bad.

Spiritual consequences are hard to see.
They are not compatible with our common sense.
They can be dangerous and deceiving.

Reikongaku has a lot to say about them.


laws and regulations

Every day is a series of decision making.
What to do, what not to do.

Decision making process is different for each person.
There is no two persons alike.
Your decisions are yours only.
You may try to explain or convince others to understand you,
but still, nobody will completely understand you.

Reikongaku rarely criticizes or judges your decisions.
What we do or don’t is simply that.
We do what we do, and we take responsibility for the consequences.

For people to live in any society, rules are necessary.
Rules restrict everyone, limit our freedom and actions.
But in this physical world, rules are necessary to protect and coexist.

Reikongaku respects laws and regulations made by people.
And reikongaku also teaches you spiritual laws and regulations.

We are spirits. 
Physical world is enclosed within spiritual world.
Physical laws and regulations are enclosed by spiritual laws and regulations.

What do you think is the most important?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

reality and reikongaku

For me, reality was my daily life.
I woke up in the morning, got ready for school. I went to school to have fun with friends, not so much for study. I ate more for my enjoyment, I dressed to feel better about myself.

Later, reality was still my daily life.
I woke up in the morning, got ready for work. I worked to make living, not so much for fun. I felt better knowing that I was capable of supporting myself, not begging for something.

Now, reality is still my daily life.
I wake up in the morning, spend about 30 minutes on spiritual training. I still work to make living, because I want to continue training as a reikongaku student. I eat, dress, play, work, but it's different now.

Reikongaku and spiritual training can be or have to be a part of our daily reality. It does not replace your reality, your daily life may look the same as before. But, spiritual training dramatically changes your spiritual state. I completely trust it.

You may have the impression that spiritual things are something outside of your reality. It's something you may think about from time to time, but just as watching a movie or reading a fiction, it does not become a part of your reality, your daily life. Why? because you cannot see or feel it.

It may still take a long time before spiritual things are accepted and considered to be reality.
But as long as it's there and functioning, it doesn't matter how we put it. 

It's there, and that is the reality.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yutai -- Yuutai -- You tie -- Yutie --

It sounds exactly like "you tie".
But in writing, i think yutai may be the best.

Yutai is a spiritual body that all of us have.
When we were first conceived, it was a tiny bit just like an egg. Yutai grew with our physical body and it overlaps with it exactly.

It is hard for us to identify yutai. Maybe it's like trying to locate where your mind is and how it looks.
It's hard, but it's there.

Yutai has its own brain where all memories are stored.
That is why we remember who we are and what we experienced even after our physical body dies.

Physical body is our primary body on earth, and yutai will be our primary body after we die. That is why i say physical death is a transition from one state to another. One environment to another.

One of the most important things we learn in Reikongaku is the condition of yutai. It can be super good, good, borderline, bad, worse, terrible, or near hopeless..

There are many reasons for this, and it's according to the spiritual law, not the physical law. As i said before, the condition of yutai at the time of death determines your immediate future after death.

I will repeat this as many times as i can.
Be prepared, make your yutai strong and healthy.
That is why Reikongaku / Spiritual training were given to us.

What saves us is not a miracle falling on us. It's not the good deeds we accumulate.
What saves us is to know that we are spirits.
What saves us is the diligent effort to improve our spiritual selves by learning and training.

Salvation is for everyone, but we must do our part too.    

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Consider this a game.

Look at yourself in the mirror.
Forget about how you look.
Forget about what you have.
Forget about what you earned.

What do you have left?
What makes you a you?

Now, you know that you will die one day, right? Everyone will.
When you depart, you won't take anything physical including your body.

What do you think you will take with you then?

In the world you will be after leaving the physical domain,
you don't need to eat or sleep, which means you don't need to work to earn money.

What do you want to do then?

Our memory and identity, consciousness, will continue to live in the world next.
Emotions will be there. They will be freely expressed with no restrictions.

How do you handle them? What do you think the society is like where there is no restrictions?
All elements will expand their characters. In all directions.

Does it create what we may call heaven and hell?

How do you secure your living to be comfortable, peaceful, and fulfilling?

This is a game.
But once you start thinking about them, don't you realize that there are so much that you don't know, that you'd better know?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

how it is

We are spirits.
We were spirits before we were born. 
We were born into a physical body. 
Imagine it's like you getting into a brand new car.

As a driver, you go through life, and after a decade or two, look around, 
everyone is so different.
Each experience you go through, consciously or unconsciously, makes you.

One thing every single person has to go through, without exception, is death.
Car breaks down someday. You don't want to be locked in a stalled car.

You get out, and move on. You are spirit. 
Physical death does not end your life.
You live on.

Why learning Reikongaku? What do you need to know?

It's the condition of your spiritual body, the driver itself.
If everyone goes back to nice places, and live happily ever after, we don't need Reikongaku. 

If there is no danger, no agony, no pain, you don't need Reikonkgaku. You just die and go back.

Reikongaku receives communications from spiritual entities. I call them top of the class, authentic, and reliable communications.

They tell you, what you do with your life is all up to you. 

The most important thing is to train your spiritual body now, because the condition of your spiritual body at the time of death will determine what kind of place you will move back into.

Do you see that?
Reikongaku does not teach you how to live happily, does not require you to live certain way. 
It does not make you rich or famous. 
Those things come from your own determinations and actions.

What Reikongaku teaches you and gives you is the way to train yourself to be healthy and strong spiritually.
Without a healthy, strong spiritual body, your future is not so bright, your future after death.

Think about it..

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I might have offended some people with what i wrote.
I expected that, and i'm ok with it.

I used to try my best to calm the air. I didn't like conflict.
It's best everyone feels safe, peaceful, and happy. Of course.

But the reality doesn't cooperate.
Look around you, it's not hard to see.

Why people get hurt?
Why people hurt one another?
Why people feel miserable?
Why people don't get along?
Why people don't know the answers?

I think humankind is overrated.
Humankind discovered and advanced at amazing rate.
But humankind forgot and got lost at amazing rate as well.

Finding truth is not easy.
Our existence is not easily explained.
What we consider right or good may be not so right or good.

I wish we can reset our history and start all over again.
But that is not possible.

What we can do now is to start questioning, start thinking, start probing.
Finding truth is not easy, but it's there for sure.

I'm learning it from Reikongaku.

We are spirits. Answers are not found in physical realm.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Life is a series of decision making.
From what to wear today to yes or no to a big proposal

If we don't make any decision, we cannot move even a step.
Not making any decision and go with the flow.... that is another decision...

I don't know your situations. I don't know how hard your life is.
But as long as you live, all your decisions are made to sustain your life, provide for your life, and attain as much as satisfaction.  

Physical satisfaction is easier to understand. 
Food, clothes, sleep, shelter, comfort all contribute to physical satisfaction.

How about non-physical satisfaction? This is a tough one. 
Mind and spirit are so unique to each individual, what brings satisfaction is unique for each.

In Reikongaku, I found that there is one thing that’s true to all people.
That is, we will never be completely satisfied in this life.
When you try to find the answers only in wealth, power, and fame, you are on your way to never ending game of hide and seek.

I’ve learnt that human spirit has this place or space within that is filled only by spiritual energy. Without this energy, human will never ever be fully content or satisfied.

Most people don’t know it, and keep playing hide and seek. Most people don’t hit the dead end so they keep trying.

Your life may be a series of satisfactions, your hope and dream may never dry up because you don’t reach them. You may keep trying until the last day.

I dare to say it… what a waste.
What a waste of life if you don’t find the true answers.
What a waste of life if you never feel the spiritual energy flowing and filling your space within.

What a waste of life if you end it without knowing who you really are.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

we don't die

Do you think your consciousness will live on after you lose all your physical functions?
In other words, do you believe in life after death?  Yes? No? or don't care?

Your answer is completely personal. Nobody can show you the evidence to support or refute your answer.
But, one thing is for sure. It is either yes or no, one or the other. And you will find out when your time comes.

It seems to me that many folks believe in life after death.
There are myriad of activities based on this idea.

But realistically, can you say with confidence that you have a good idea about what happens when you die?
How you survive your physical death, where you go and how you live after you die?

Is there anything we can do while we live here?
Is there any non-physical force affecting our lives now?
What can we do about it?

Reikongaku pursues spiritual facts, system, and rules that govern every humans.
Just like this world is governed by physical law, the next world is governed by spiritual law.

When one says, good person will go to heaven and live happily ever after, it's like saying that
good  person will never catch cold or tough person will never get injured.

It's time we get serious about our own future.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


General idea of karma seems to involve inevitable future.
Something you did in the past (this life or past lives) determines your future.

If you do good, good will be done to you.
If you do bad, bad will be done to you.

If you abused your wealth in the past life, you'll be pinching pennies in this life.
If you abandoned your family in the past life, you'll be all alone in this life.

Something like that. 

What I've learnt in Reikongaku about karma so far is not so specific and easily explained.

This is an example of how I understand karma:
The source of karma is some event or a series of events in the past that left deep scars in your spiritual body.
These scars contained certain intense emotions such as fear, anger, misery, or despair.

When some event occurs later in your life, not necessarily similar in specific setting but more a setting that triggers similar emotions, these deeply embedded scars or karma take control and push you to react based on such past emotions, thus bring about the unexpected or undesirable consequences. 

We can discuss and debate over this subject as long as we want, but more importantly, we need to work with our own karma. If it's a good one, we can utilize it. If it's an undesirable one, then we need to cure it before it takes control of our lives.

This is one of the main purposes and goals of spiritual training that we learn and practice. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

spiritual training in japan

I joined Keizankan in 2005.
Keizankan is consisted of a small group of spiritual seekers who study and practice Reikongaku under the Master Mizuba.

Keizankan holds periodical events and seminars in Japan.
Right now, there is no event scheduled outside of Japan because there is not enough demand for it.
i think i may be the only member who resides outside of Japan.

One of the most valuable events held by Keizankan is a series of spiritual training seminars.
It's open only for the members committed to the spiritual development that Keizankan presents.

Misogi and Chinkon are the two main series of spiritual training. Both train and develop our spiritual body, strengthen spiritual aura, and promote spiritual health, to name a few. They also deal with our karma.

All these topics may be overwhelmingly deep and complicated.

But great thing about spiritual training taught by Keizankan is that the training itself is made simple,  and easy to learn. It fits right into the daily schedule of any busy people.

Anybody can practice.

The only requirement is, as i mentioned before, that you are willing to believe and commit.
This is not a promise made in human terms.

This is a promise made with your guardian spirit, mentor spirits, and the superior spirits.
You must be aware that you are directly dealing with spiritual entities.

Spiritual training, when practiced earnestly and diligently, will transform your spiritual body like no other method ever existed on earth.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the day i encountered reikongaku

I've always been interested in mystery, something unknown, especially about after death.
But my interest never took me deeper than occasional readings and thinking.

One day, in 2005, my semi-hibernated interest was fully awaken by a newspaper article.
It was about the train accident that took many people's lives in an instant.

I felt that i had to know what happened to those people.

I typed in "life after death". One of the first websites hit was the official Reikongaku site in Japan.
It was fortunate that I could include my search in Japanese as well.

For a few weeks, I was completely immersed in Reikongaku. I read everything there was available on the net.

When I finally came to a stopping point, I was convinced, as convinced as I had never been before. 

Feeling of finally finding something I've been looking for. And the expectation that I will find all the answers someday. Complete trust and relief.

That was the life changing event for me.
The one that I will forever be thankful.

Monday, January 14, 2013

to the point

The most important thing for us now is to prepare and train our yutai (spiritual body).

Just like our physical body, our spiritual body gets damaged from day to day living.
All kinds of (spiritual) injuries and sickness affect the quality of yutai.

Quality of yutai affects condition of physical body, but more importantly, it will affect the quality of life when we shed our physical body and become non-physical existence.  

It is quite simple. That's how spiritual system works.

When you die, you will settle in the spiritual realm where your yutai will feel most suited.
It can be a place you perceive as heaven, or hell, or anywhere in between.

No matter how much wealth, fame, knowledge, wisdom, or connection you have in the world now, it does not give you a free pass to heaven. When you are at the entrance, all that matters is how your yutai is. That's all there is.

If you believe this, then you know that you have to bring your yutai level to the highest possible while you're alive, and you need to know how you can accomplish this. 

Reikongaku has given numerous opportunities to those people who believe, and desire to listen and learn. It's unlikely that reikongaku will come to you. You must find it yourself.

And that is why I write this blog. I want people to find reikongaku and decide on their own.

Reikongaku does not chase you, does not wait for you, and never forces you. That is why I feel this urgency now to let people know.

Time may really be running out...

Saturday, January 12, 2013


We wake up everyday and live.
We think, we feel, and we react.

Suppose if there is no spirit, like so many claim, all we have is our physical body.
Our brain can think, feel, and react.
Our biological system is itself a miracle.

At the same time, you know that brain can be damaged or deteriorated quite easily.
Our brain can be controlled by certain chemicals or device.

It's as easy as taking a few pills to make a person's character to be entirely different.
A little hormonal imbalance will create an unexpected emotional reaction.

We know it. They are all proven scientific facts which so many people tend to accept rather easily.

Our physical body is a miracle, and fragile substance.

Are we really it?
Are you just that?

Can you truly convince yourself that you will be forever gone when your brain stops functioning?
Are you just a complicated biological mechanism that will be lost forever with your last breath?

The very first step in Reikongaku, or even before stepping into it, you must clear this question.

Reikongaku is for the people who take risk in believing something science has not acknowledged yet.
You must at least give it a chance to speak to you.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

good death?

Everyone will die one day.
It's a fact. No question about it.

Are there good death and bad death then?
I think there are.

When we die, we leave our physical body behind, and become spiritual or non-physical existence.

YUTAI, pronounced like you-tie, is what Reikongaku calls our non-physical body.
It's nothing new. We've always had yutai. It's just that it was never proved scientifically.

After we die, yutai will be the body we use and we will know it sooner or later.

Yutai retains all memories that our physical brain does.
This means that we will remain the unique individual that we've always been.

After we die, we can expect ourselves to wake up and say, "Am I still alive?",
"Where am I?", "What happened?"...

I think it is one of the most important things for any person to have a good death.

My understanding of good death is:

- You know that you have spiritual body and will live on after physical death.
- You learn basics on how things will work in spiritual society.
- You train and condition your yutai to the best of your ability before you die.

Reikongaku teaches us these, and help us prepare for it.

You never know how much time you have left to do this.

The sooner the better of course, but it is your choice.