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Monday, December 31, 2012

one day, each day

Calendar year 2012 is ending in about 13 hours.

There are a lot in my mind, but none of them worth writing here.

If you learn Reikongaku, and begin your spiritual training, you will feel something different.
It's difficult to explain in words, and each one must feel it with one's own senses.

I opened this blog wishing that people will know Reikongaku. was also launched with hope that people will learn more about their own existence.

However, before even making one more step forward, i stalled. I would like to apologize.

Instead of writing about how it should have been, or why, i am begging for another chance.

None of these make sense until you begin your path toward knowing yourself.

I will always feel that i am far from qualified to do this, but until i find someone who is,
i must move forward.

The only purpose and hope is to find you who, without knowing, are ready and longing.

Happy New Year to those of you who will find it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

time flew, didn't it?

One half of 2012 has passed

What did i do, how did i do it? What did I not do?
Did i choose not to do it? 

We all live different lives.
There is nothing equal or fair about them.
We are all different. 
And we all live in the framework called time.

Clock ticks the same way all around the world.
But even the time may not be equal or fair.
Because some live longer, some have more free time,
and so on.

What if, without our knowing, time changes its direction, shifts in high gear, or stalls altogether..?

We expect that tomorrow will be here.
We assume that things will be the same tomorrow.
But inevitably, one day, it will not be so.
One day, there will be no tomorrow, and things will be entirely different.

It's ok to think about it.