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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

now or never

“Things happen for a reason.”

We hear this when something
undesirable happens.

By reasoning so, we try to see the positive side of things, or
try to maintain positive attitude.

When something undesirable brings about something better,
we confirm this idea that we have to embrace and endure undesirable things because they lead to something meaningful.

We’ve seen countless disasters and sufferings this year.
Many are right in the midst of them.

“Why these things happened to me?”
“Why do I have to go through such misery?”


New year’s resolution is not my thing,
but for this coming year, i plan to write down a few.

If you’ve always wanted to do something,
but for various reasons, have kept putting off,
now is the time.

Time is always shorter than we expect.
Time always passes faster than we hope.
Time is always against us.

now or never.

It’s 2012.