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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this way or that way

Our spiritual body is distinct from our physical body.

We, spirits, need physical bodies
to express ourselves in this world,
but other than that, we’ll be fine without them.

Physical bodies, on the other hand,
do not work without us spirits.
A body is often referred to as a vehicle. 
i think that’s a good metaphor.
Every day, we, spirits, operate this highly complicated
mechanism called body.

Each vehicle is unique.
One may work better than the other.
One may last longer than the other.

Can we choose which vehicle to drive?
That, i don’t know…
But i think each drive has very specific purpose and goal.

We don’t just drive around in our cars.
We plan to get somewhere, meet someone,
do something.

In this scenario,
Reikongaku plays a role of the latest navigation system.
It’ll show us how to get there,
in the fastest, the safest, and the surest way.

The latest navigation system... oh yes, that's what it is.