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Friday, October 28, 2011

today or tomorrow

Death is an event that we all encounter one day.
Where there is life, there is death.

No life can avoid it, escape through the crack,
or be forgotten.

If there is anything equal in this world for everyone,
it has to be death. It will come to you, it will come to me.

What’s not equal is how it comes.
Some die young, some die in pain, some die in vain.

What’s not equal is where we end up.
We don’t know how it will be.

We hear different stories.
Good will go to good place, bad will go to bad place.

i used to think that i’m in a range of fairly decent person.
Nobody will object to my entering into heaven.

How silly and obnoxious that was.

Who would tell you that you are a good person? 
You?  Your family?  Your friends?  Your enemy?
Good can be bad, and bad can be good. We all know that.
This cannot be an universal ticket to heaven.

Then what?

Reikongaku says,
what determines your destination is the condition of your spiritual body at the time of death.

That’s all there is.   Simple, logical, and convincing.

What’s not fair is that most people haven’t had
the opportunity to know it.

But, is it really the case?

It’s never too late. Let’s find out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

plus or minus

Mechanism of human reproduction is amazing.

After multiple decades of heavy usage, human body can still create another brand new human body (baby).

Everything new out of everything old. How fascinating!   

Assuming that you believe in spirits…do you think baby’s spirit was created by parents, or is it a part of parents’ spirits?

Reikongaku says:  body and mind? Yes.  Spirit? No.

According to Reikongaku, spirits are something that have been in existence for much longer time, and for some reason, only tiny part of them were pulled into physical world to be born as babies. This is also called reincarnation.

So, each baby, although its body and mind are brand new, its spirit is pretty old in worldly term.

But at birth, spirit is just as tiny and innocent as physical body. It does not remember anything from its past.

Reincarnation is often perceived as rebirth of individual consciousness in its entirety, that is, when i die, i will retain my consciousness the same way i do now, and when i’m born again, my entire consciousness will be born again as well.

Reikongaku explains differently. When i die, i will retain my consciousness the same way i do now, but what will be born again is only a tiny part of me that i won’t even know when that happens.

Why not the entire consciousness? What part of it will be born again? What for?

By asking, you just opened an entirely new series in the study of Reikongaku.

Reincarnation can add or subtract. When we were born, we didn’t start from zero, we started from minus…