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Thursday, September 29, 2011

this or that

Reikongaku talks about reincarnation, but not in a way most people have heard before.

Reikongaku receives information directly from higher spirits.

Once you decide to trust this link, and open up to the wealth of information poured in from above, you will find that so much of the human mysteries can be explained and understood to an amazing degree.

Trust involves faith or belief beyond uncertainty. Nothing can be proven to the point there is no room for objection. Even science evolves because there are always rooms for further experiments and developments.

No matter what we do, uncertainty cannot be avoided, which means there is always some risk.

Of course i want everyone to trust and accept reikongaku, but i know it’s impossible, and i don’t blame anyone.

Free will is the most powerful asset all human beings are equipped with. It doesn’t look that way, you might say. And i agree. It doesn’t look that way.

But ultimately, free will and its consequence are what we all must embrace.

Free to accept, free to shun, free to be saved, free to be doomed.

oops... will go back to reincarnation… next time.