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Thursday, September 29, 2011

this or that

Reikongaku talks about reincarnation, but not in a way most people have heard before.

Reikongaku receives information directly from higher spirits.

Once you decide to trust this link, and open up to the wealth of information poured in from above, you will find that so much of the human mysteries can be explained and understood to an amazing degree.

Trust involves faith or belief beyond uncertainty. Nothing can be proven to the point there is no room for objection. Even science evolves because there are always rooms for further experiments and developments.

No matter what we do, uncertainty cannot be avoided, which means there is always some risk.

Of course i want everyone to trust and accept reikongaku, but i know it’s impossible, and i don’t blame anyone.

Free will is the most powerful asset all human beings are equipped with. It doesn’t look that way, you might say. And i agree. It doesn’t look that way.

But ultimately, free will and its consequence are what we all must embrace.

Free to accept, free to shun, free to be saved, free to be doomed.

oops... will go back to reincarnation… next time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in or out

i am into spirits, that is, spiritual study and spiritual training.

i recall the very first time i consciously thought of someone called God.

i was in kindergarten. The school was run by catholic church, and at graduation, each student received a gift, a thick black covered bible.

i remember opening the big book and read the first sentence.

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.”

Wow! God can do that?

i imagined the darkness, then the light, water, land, plants, animals…

A few lines were the most i could read back then, after that, the book was never opened, left alone in the back shelf for over 10 years.

i went to Christian high school. This may sound unique, but the country i grew up in, kids were mostly of Buddhism lineage, but went to Christian schools with no hesitation. And schools accepted students regardless of their religious background. 

We attended service every morning and studied bible every week. Though i was rebellious to the know-it-all attitude of faculty faces, i always had deep respect to Jesus, the person i only knew from my bible studies.

i was never into religion. But i think my attachment to Jesus always kept me searching for something beyond my ordinary senses.

There is a book titled "Spirit Jesus" written by the master of Reikongaku. 

The book, like all other books written by the master, is inspired by higher spirits. It talks about the life of Jesus from the time he was born on earth through modern day in the twenty first century.

Throughout the history, he has always been very active with the lives of people. 

Now i know that Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, among other superior spirits, are great buddies to one another, and that they all have a lot to say to us.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

easy or difficult

Why do you live? What for?

i keep asking the questions. And i keep asking "why?".
Before long, i notice that we live to be or feel happy, comfortable, safe, content, satisfied...
The state without worry, threat, pain, discomfort, fear, sorrow...

No matter where we live and how we live, we try to attain more. Individuals differ greatly, but ultimately, we all keep struggling and fighting to attain what we think happpiness.

Reikongaku often comments on human struggles and hardships.

It's human nature to avoid or eliminate hardships.  Physical bodies and minds seek comfort.
Is it right or wrong? It's a different story.

If we free ourselves from all relationships, responsibilities, and obligations in society, and live in a far away temple and meditate all day every day, we might reach the state of still and peacefull minds.

But, spiritual growth and development require those hardships. Focusing on avoiding them all the time will never help us.

If we live in a society, interact with other people, minds will be stirred and distructed.

Those harships and struggles are indeed the essential ingredients for spiritual growth. Higher spirits coming all the way down near our level to help and guide us chose to live that way.

We still try to avoid hardships as long as we are in physical bodies.

Even then, knowing that hardships are integral part of our lives, and spiritual growth comes from living through them may change our way of thinking.

Only if it leads us to spiritual growth.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

fiction or nonfiction

Information is overwhelming.
With the internet search at my fingertips, i always get more information than i can digest.

Is the more the better?  i say not necessarily..
It takes more time to read and understand, compare and analyze.

i don’t know how much of the information online is reliable or not, but % for unreliable must be quite high, and everything i read or hear, i need to make a personal decision. i often need to rely on my instinct. Especially when things are not validated by cold facts, it’s up to the reader to decide.

Talk about existence of spirits involves this personal decision. Existence has not been proved scientifically to satisfy the majority,  but the same is true for non-existence. It's unlikely that proof will be available either way because we’re talking about something non-physical which is outside of science.

Ultimately, accepting the existence or non-existence of spirits depends solely on each person’s judgement, or gut feeling.

Still, truth is either they exist or don't exist. 

Before going through never ending information and debates, i chose to believe their existence, and proceed with it. Now all i want to know is what they are, how they are, and why they are.

i think i made my life simpler by making that decision.