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Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunset or sunrise

The background picture looks sunset to me. When i asked my friends, one said it looked sunrise to him. The other said that you really cannot tell from the picture if it's sunset or sunrise unless you know where the picture was taken.

i realized that everything, more or less, is like this. Things are the way one sees it. The way i assume, or believe, or expect, that's often the only way to see things.

If there is truth, however, that truth must be the only truth regardless of how i see it or understand it.
The only truth that i think i've found so far is that we are all spirits. That's the big truth, the big picture. Now i need to know the details.

i've always wanted to know the truth, the truth about us, and i met Reikongaku. Out of all the great masters and teachings, i met Reikongaku. This was in spring of 2005.