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Saturday, March 7, 2015



(updated on 09/04/18)

Thank you for visiting this blog.
Currently, this blog is not being updated (as you can see..)
As soon as my next project starts moving, I will announce it here.

It is critical for everyone to know the current spiritual state of the world.
It's not just what we can see and hear.

The only way to know the truth is through studying and experiencing Reikongaku.
I will find a way to spread it to the English speaking world.

I hope you come back and check on the status.
Meanwhile, hope you will be protected and guided by good spirits.

Thank you!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

current status

Reikongaku movement in Japan has changed a lot in the recent months.
More books published, more blogs and home pages created.
We are all out for spreading the words of Reikongaku and messages from the superior spirits.

My plan is to reconstruct my web page and blog so it'll be quicker to update and add new contents.
When transition is complete, an announcement will be made here. I appreciate your patience.

See you soon!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Reikongaku in English

Great opportunity has landed.
I am a part of the team now to spread the words of reikongaku to the world in English.

Yes, I am a non-native English speaker, and yes, my English is far from "public" quality.
But, I am so convinced that the power of reikongaku will easily surpass such obstacles, and will blossom in every continent in the world.

I will focus on translating the contents of official reikongaku websites, and will introduce them to you in my website,

I hope we can reach out to many brave seekers who have never given up searching for the truth.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

good or bad revisited...

This topic has been one of my biggest challenges 
especially after I met Reikongaku.
I’ve always thought that good people deserve good things.
Even if their lives are not so rewarding ones in earthly terms, 
after they die, good people will live happily ever after in the world next.

I tried to see good in every person. 
I tried to believe there was no truly bad person in this world.
I wished people were all happy, war free, worry free, poverty free, crime free…. like in heaven on earth.

However, soon after I met Reikongaku, 
this idea was completely shuttered.

Reikongaku will ask you, what is good and what is bad?
After a careful thinking, you would know that good or bad cannot be defined so clearly.

Yes, we do have a sense of good or bad, but it’s almost always different depending on when, where, and who we are.

What you think is good may not be so good for others, 
what others think is good may not convince you so.
If our spiritual destiny is solely determined by good or bad of anybody’s standard, there will be a chaos waiting for us.

Understanding good or bad won’t be resolved so easily for me.
But there is one rule I learnt from Reikongaku.

What determines your spiritual destiny is not directly related to how good or bad you think you are.
To your amazement, it is more straight forward, clear, and logical.

Reikongaku tells you that it all depends on the condition of your yutai, your spiritual body at the time of physical death. 

Good or bad certainly contributes to the condition of yutai, but they are not by themselves a deciding factor.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ghosts explained by Reikongaku

Personally, I have never seen a ghost.
I have never heard a mysterious voice, have never seen an UFO.

In short, I have never witnessed a so called super natural phenomenon myself.
But, after I have studied Reikongaku, and heard countless stories and experiences from other people,
I do believe that they are real, or, explainable.

I also found that there are many misconceptions surrounding these phenomena.

For instance, ghosts.
Humans are incapable of seeing something non-physical.
Our bodies are not made that way.
If one claims that he or she sees ghosts, it’s not normal.
But, we all know that abnormal things happen.

Putting aside the psychological or mental causes, when one sees a ghost, it’s likely that he or she is actually seeing substance, 
shapes and figures fabricated by a spiritual entity.

Those spiritual entities who have mastered these techniques can create human-like shapes using ectoplasm, a substance that connects physical and spiritual.  

Since ghosts are made of substance that is half physical and half spiritual, you may be able to see them with physical eyes depending on the condition you are in.

Ghosts are not alive, but the one who produces it is.
More importantly, we should know that seeing ghosts is a sign of spiritual malfunction.

A proper diagnosis and treatment should be sought.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

good or bad - spiritual version

How do you measure good and bad?
How do you predict the outcome to be good or bad?

For example, instead of going to school or work, you decide to go see a movie.

What would your teacher or boss say?
What would your family member say?
What would your friends say?

What would reikongaku say?
Reikongaku would say, your decision is yours, you just live with the consequences.

I don’t mean to say that reikongaku ignores or disregards what goes on in your life.
It just does not interfere with your decisions and actions, or rather, it cannot.

Humans are given free fill, believe it or not.

Reikongaku, however, tries to remind you.
For everywhere you go, and everything you do, there are always spiritual consequences.  

And that can be good or bad.
Spiritual good or bad often does not coincide with what we think is good or bad.

Spiritual consequences are hard to see.
They are not compatible with our common sense.
They can be dangerous and deceiving.

Reikongaku has a lot to say about them.


laws and regulations

Every day is a series of decision making.
What to do, what not to do.

Decision making process is different for each person.
There is no two persons alike.
Your decisions are yours only.
You may try to explain or convince others to understand you,
but still, nobody will completely understand you.

Reikongaku rarely criticizes or judges your decisions.
What we do or don’t is simply that.
We do what we do, and we take responsibility for the consequences.

For people to live in any society, rules are necessary.
Rules restrict everyone, limit our freedom and actions.
But in this physical world, rules are necessary to protect and coexist.

Reikongaku respects laws and regulations made by people.
And reikongaku also teaches you spiritual laws and regulations.

We are spirits. 
Physical world is enclosed within spiritual world.
Physical laws and regulations are enclosed by spiritual laws and regulations.

What do you think is the most important?